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BBQ Safety Tips


Top Health & Safety Tips for a Better BBQ, with thanks to the National BBQ Association and National BBQ week.

• Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food, after touching raw meat and before serving and eating.

• Unless the cooking instructions say otherwise, always ensure that frozen food is defrosted before BBQ’ing so that it cooks evenly.

• Always keep raw and cooked meats separate and keep uncooked meat, fish and vegetables separate from each other when preparing.

• In hot weather, throw away BBQ’d food left out for more than an hour.

• BBQ’d food may look well cooked when it’s not. Burgers, sausages and chicken should ideally be checked with a meat thermometer or cut open and visually checked. If necessary continue grilling until cooked through.

• Never part cook on a BBQ and finish off later. However you can par-boil poultry in the oven and then finish off on the Barbi for added flavour.

• Keep children, animals and the elderly well away from the BBQ.

• To light charcoal, always use proper BBQ lighter fuel. Never use petrol or other highly inflammable liquids.

• If using gas, ensure that the grill lights immediately. If the grill fails to light at second attempt, turn off gas immediately leave for a few minutes then turn on and retry.

• Position BBQ’s on level ground, well away from fences, hedges, trees, any over- hanging foliage or indeed anything that could catch fire!

• Ensure that you have sufficient preparation and serving areas and keep these two apart. If using separate tables, ensure that these are kept well away from the grill.

• Make sure that all knives and grill utensils are securely stored when not in use and regularly wipe down all utensils and prep areas with a disinfected disposable cloth.

• Remember that BBQ’s can be dangerous, the grill is very hot and can cause nasty burns, or even serious fires if knocked over.

• If using charcoal have a fire-blanket or water spray handy at all times, if using gas turn-off and rely on the fire-blanket.

• Ensure that the charcoal is cold and/or the gas securely turned off or disconnected before retiring for the night.