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Cooking Meats


Top tip: don’t put raw meat on or next to cooked meat

Cooking meat thoroughly will ensure that any germs are killed.

Always make sure you cook chicken, pork, burgers, sausages and kebabs until they’re steaming hot all the way through, none of the meat is pink and any juices run clear.

If you’re barbecuing for lots of people, you could cook meat indoors and finish it off on the barbecue for added flavour.

It’s important when cooking meat to turn it regularly and move it around the barbecue. This helps it to cook evenly. Remember not to put raw meat next to cooked, or partly-cooked, meat on the barbecue and to use separate utensils for raw or partly cooked meat and cooked meat to avoid cross-contamination, which can be a cause of food poisoning.


Safety essentials

There are a few simple things to remember when checking if meat is cooked on your barbecue. These are:

• Meat should be piping (steaming) hot in the centre.
• There should be no pink meat visible.
• Any juices should be clear.

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