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Welcome to our new website. After a number of weeks deliberation, we, here at Mottershead meats, decided to take the plunge and improve our online presence with a website we hope you enjoy and find informative.

The site shows all the normal products we have on a day to day basis, and regular visitors will be very much aware of the quality produce we provide.




Mottershead Meats, do not want to just showcase produce, but highlight how you can utilise them and help create recipes and storage ideas for all. With help from our tacklement suppliers, we have a range of recipes for you to follow, and regularly update these so please visit the site frequently to follow the changes and new ideas.

Mottershead Butchers are not only about presentation of food, we also go to great lengths of preparation and storage for you, again this information is always on hand in our website.

As you read through the site, you will notice that we have gone to great lengths to show you our store and the Google Business View allows a tour of our premises.