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The hanging of all meat is tremendously important so our locally sourced lamb is matured on the bone for 10 days prior to butchering. If you are looking for something different then let us prepare you a rack of lamb to simply oven cook in a matter of minutes or my favourite just put a shoulder of lamb in the oven, open roast it for 4 to 5 hours on a medium heat and then tear the tender juicy meat off the bone with a fork, simples!!!

Lamb cooking guidelines




Lean English Diced Lamb

Our locally sourced lamb is extra trimmed of fat and diced making it ideal for casseroles, curries or even a lamb hot pot.


Lean English Minced Lamb

Our locally sourced lamb is trimmed and minced which makes it perfect for the traditional Shepherds Pie. Why not try mixing it with beef mince for some extra flavour!


Tender local lamb cuts

No matter what cut you are after or what size you need, we are always able to cater for your personal needs. Just let us know what you want and we’ll do the rest…nothing is ever too much trouble.