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Outdoor free range pork has a great taste all of its own and that is what we use wherever possible.

Hung for 7 days on the bone before being expertly trimmed and cut. Boned and rolled loin of pork stuffed with our own recipe apricot stuffing is fantastic or try keeping it simple by roasting a piece of belly pork on the bone to create that great crunchy crackling.

Pork cooking guidelines




English Loin Pork Chops

Our locally sourced pork is matured on the bone for a minimum 7 days and then expertly cut to your own requirements for great tasting pork with superb crackling.


English Draft Pork

Also known as Belly Pork this locally sourced pork is matured for a minimum 7 days and cut to your requirements. Great grilled and also becoming increasingly popular as a joint oven roasted for fantastic crackling.


Lean Pork Mince

Mince pork makes a great alternative to minced beef, but also is a great addition to beef for tasty meat balls.


Lean English Pork Steaks

A very lean piece of pork matured on the bone and then removed from the bone for your convenience leaving no waste. Cut from either the leg or loin they are beautiful grilled, fried or cooked in the oven.


Lean English Diced Pork

Our locally sourced pork is extra trimmed and diced and is therefore extremely lean…perfect for a tasty sweet and sour, curry or everyday casserole.


Fresh Pork Cuts

Click on the image below to discover 30 cuts of fresh pork and suitable methods of cooking: